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Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself!

Don’t worry i’m not making an attempt to revive my hip hop career, this blog is all about  assessments in training!

My career has always been about helping people achieve, whether it be in the gym, in their career or in personal development.  I’m passionate about getting the best out of people.  One thing I have always relied on is assessments, goals and mapping change to get the desired results.

How many times have you started an exercise programme on a whim without knowing where you are starting from and what precise goals you want to achieve?  I’m guessing a few, it’s ok as so have I.  And the majority of the time this is the programme or phase I don’t see great results or laps into bad habits again.

So why complete a pre-assessment?

Before committing to a workout regime,  nutrition plan or  lifestyle change it’s important to find out as much about you as possible.  Imagine if you were personal training yourself, the more you know about yourself the more tailored and specific the programme.  Meaning no more generic exercises, just the good stuff that guarantees results.

One thing my company UK Wellbeing Coach does well is our 12 Week Change Programme.  Firstly this isn’t a quick fix and doesn’t work for the uncommitted.  It’s a simple “Get Started, Stay Motivated & Create Good Habits” kind of programme.

It looks like this…

Week One

  • Initial Assessment
    • Health Screening
    • Fitness Screening
    • Nutrition Screening
    • Lifestyle Screening
    • Goal Setting
  • Exercise Programming Session

Weeks Two – Eleven 

  • Check In
  • Feedback – Two way
  • Opportunity To Make Changes
  • Optional Additional Sessions

Week Twelve 

  • Repeat Assessment
    • Health Screening
    • Fitness Screening
    • Nutrition Screening
    • Lifestyle Screening
    • Goal Review
  • Going Forward …


Firstly this works because with all that information it’s far easier to create a regime that will work.  Secondly nobody wants to be worse on their repeat assessment.

Finally my advice going forward, before you carry on completing your monotonus exercise programme, stop, get a complete assessment, set clear objectives and start moving forward.

The UK Wellbeing Coach Approach

The health and fitness industry is continuously changing,  evolving and every year we see new trends, fads and ideologies.  As the industry has evolved so has the skill set and experience of the everyday health & wellbeing professional.  This to me is a good thing as it empowers professionals to up skill and provide their clients with an informed opinion on how to progress and improve.

One thing that has always been my frustration is the over advising, diagnosing and prescribing of unqualified and unexperienced professionals.  In the fitness industry you can see this more than anywhere.  PT’s radically changing clients diets, advising often dangerous movements and imparting extreme opinions on motivation and training intensity.

Having worked in the industry for fifteen years in gyms, health clubs, private medical screening & corporate wellbeing I have adopted a balanced approach to overall health & wellbeing.  I have also learned that you can not be an expert in everything.  So what a UK Wellbeing Coach will do is…

  • Review Your Manageable Health screen-shot-2017-02-11-at-21-44-31
  • Provide Beneficial Exercise Advise
  • Provide Simple Nutritional Advice
  • Provide Healthy Lifestyle Coaching
  • Provide Support And Guidance
  • Refer To Our Expert Partners When Needed
  • Ensure everything is SAFE & EFFECTIVE!



We are not Physiotherapists, Nutritionists, Psychologists or Doctors…….. but, we do work closely with all of these professionals and will refer our clients to them when required.

Check out our Yorkshire based network or awesome professionals!

Our Yorkshire Network

Sceptical Of Social Media? 

For the first year or so of running my business I didn’t really pay attention to social media.  I used it on a personal level but never really for business gains. 

Eventually I set up Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Facebook accounts and started publishing  a regular mix of promotional and advisory posts. 

One particular tweet got me a response from the then HRD of Tunstall Health – Gemma Dale. This led to an opportunity to quote for their wellbeing delivery and subsequently becomming their Wellbeing Partner.

This not only led to more business but more importantly got me involved in my local CIPD network. Gemma invited me to speak with her at an event in York and then at the CIPD – NAP Conference.  This has further developed my relationship with the HR network in Yorkshire. 

In 2015 I connected with Gary from Everyday Juice Limited through LinkedIn & Twitter.  Gary has developed an awesome platform to support employees manage their wellbeing. We will be working together more in 2017. 

In 2016 I connected with Kathy from Fusion HR. After a few e-mails I visited the team and joined them as an associate, focussing on developing their offerings in Employee Wellbeing. 

In 2017 I have connected with Jane & Bev from Premier Life Skill and after attending one of their delivery days I am now looking forward to working as one of their associate trainers. 

So in 2017 I have lots to look forward to thanks to the power of social media. I even got a mention in a great guide to Social Media written by Gemma Dale & Tim Scott called – Putting Social Media To Work

So you might catch me delivering a variety of Employee Wellbeing services with ….

  • UK Wellbeing Coach 
  • Everyday Juice LTD 
  • Fusion HR 
  • Premier Life Skills 
  • & I’ll be speaking again at CIPD-NAP 2017

So if you want to make things happen, get social! 



Moving with the times.

In 2012 I set up UK Wellbeing Coach to facilitate my interest in how my skills in Health Screening and delivery of Group Wellbeing Seminars could benefit the employees of local businesses.

Over the past five years I have immersed myself into the world of HR and employee wellbeing.  On the way I have been fortunate to meet not only some superstars of the industry but genuinely great people who have ultimately help to shape the future of UK Wellbeing Coach.

In 2017 employee wellbeing is increasingly going to be focussed on mental health awareness and de-stigmatising it.  To ensure UK Wellbeing Coach is on the front line we have partnered with The Balanced You (Ashley Begley) to create a series of services for both employees and leaders.

In addition to mental health we are also concentrating our efforts to promote the importance of back and joint care in the workplace.  To do this to best of our ability we are partnering with Physio Action in Leeds.  Personally and professionally I cannot recommend these guys enough.  So watch this space!

Our aim as always, to engage, inspire and create positive change.


Which would you choose?

Catching some Zzzzz’s!

“In the light of the moon, a little egg lay on a leaf” A reference for all the parents out there!

Every night at 6:30 my little girl Scarlett gets a piggy back up to the bathroom where she has a bubble bath, brushes her teeth, get her pJ’s on, gets into bed and has a bottle of milk while I read her two books, she then listens to Nightswimming by REM.

This might sounds a little OTT but after this regimental routine follows a 12 hour uninterrupted sleep! “Praise The Lord!”

What’s my point?


Somewhere between primary school and adulthood we seem to lose our bedtime routine. Leading to poor quality and often broken sleep. Over the years I have had the privilege of working with some of the finest Physiologists and Dr’s around, allowing me to collate these great tips on improving ones sleep.

Before we look at the tips you need to consider how to rebuild your own bedtime routine.

Sleep enhancing do’s and do not’s:


▫️ Go to bed and get up at the same time everyday
▫️ Optimum room temperate is 68F / 20C
▫️ Take a warm bath
▫️ Drink a glass of warm milk
️▫️ Eat food rich in Tryptophan i.e. Turkey, cheese, eggs, spinach and randomly Sea Lion!
▫️ Do some light-moderate exercise
▫️ Avoid light exposure of any kind

Do Not’s

▫️ Drink caffeine after 2pm
▫️ Watch TV right before bed
▫️ Take your phone to bed
▫️ Wake up and check bloody facebook at 3am

So, now you know the tips try putting 3-4 in place and see if you can improve the quality of sleep.

Remember, you should be looking to achieve 6-8 hours of uninterrupted quality sleep!

Good luck!

UK Wellbeing Coach – Andy