Our Services

Each service provided by UK Wellbeing Coach has been created to maximise employee engagement through education and interaction around Health, Fitness and Wellbeing. Our focus is all about “Manageable Health & Wellbeing”, the stuff we have control over.

We feel believe that empowerment is that greatest gift, and what better gift than good health. From individual assessment to group seminars and individual personal training sessions to boot camps the focus is on the employees needs.

Healthy employee are happy employees, happy employees work harder and more efficienntly and the business thrives.

Our Services Include:

  • Individual Health Assessments x 5 Levels
    • Bronze
    • Silver
    • Gold
    • Platinum
    • Bespoke
  • Group Wellbeing Seminars
    • Increased Energy Levels
    • Better Sleep
    • Managing Stress
    • Physical Activity For Good Health
    • Healthier Eating
    • Managing Back & Joint Pain – New
    • Understanding Cardiovascular Disease – New
    • Weight Management – New
  • Health & Wellbeing Clubs
    • Weekly
    • Fortnightly
    • Monthly
  • Fitness Sessions
    • One 2 One Personal Training
    • Small Group Personal Training
    • Group Boot Camp Training

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