Back & Joint Care Training


As back and joint pain continues to be one of the major contributors to time of work, UK Wellbeing Coach has partnered with Physio Action to create a range of services to promote, manage and improve back and joint issues in the workplace.

Our employee focused workshops aim to teach employees not only how to avoid injury in the workplace but to improve their joint health for life long wellbeing.

Our manager training aims to support leaders in providing the support for their employees in addition to their own musculoskeletal health.

Back & Joint Care Services

  • Back & Joint Care Seminar – 60 Minutes (employees)
  • Back & Joint Care Workshop – Half Day (employees)
  • Back & Joint Care Training –  Full Day (Leaders)

Our training covers a range of topics including…

  • Ergonomic Set Up’s
  • Lifting & Moving
  • Posture Correction
  • Daily Back Care Movements
  • Strategise To Improve Back Pain


For more information on our range of back and joint care services please fill out the contact for below or e-mail us at –